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Eloops is an all-in-one engagement platform that combines all the tools needed to boost engagement together with a rich marketplace of pre-made content templates and virtual activities.

Create your unique event app and website
For corporate and business events
  • Unique and engaging mobile event app.
  • Private feeds to share photos, videos and posts.
  • Live audience engagement tools - Trivia, polls, games and more.
  • Manage attendees, rsvps & registrations easily.
  • Communications tools by SMS, Email and In-App push notifications
  • Share content, resources, links, speaker profiles, sessions and more.
  • Unforgettable experience before, during and after your event!


Create your unique event app and website
For private events
  • Your own unique event app.
  • Collect all guest photos, videos and posts in your own private social network.
  • Manage and plan your event on the go from any device.
  • All the event planning tools you need.
  • RSVPs done in minutes. Don't believe us? Try us!
  • Plan together with friends, family or even guests.
  • Unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Guaranteed!

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Still have questions?

What is AppyVent and why should I use it?

AppyVent is a unique, private social network for your event. It's the place to engage and connect with your guests in a way they will never forget. We provide you with all the necessary planning tools to make your event journey slick and smooth. We also provide you with an app and a website for your event where guests can join and share special moments and photos they captures. AppyVent is an all-in-one platform that saves you money, time and energy and delivers an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

How much does it cost?

We offer plans for private, non-profit and professional events. More information can be found in our "Pricing" page.

What happens if someone uploads an inappropriate photo?

We've thought of everything and we got your covered! There are few methods to prevent such scenarios:
  • You can assign "event moderators" that will receive a push notification everytime a photo is uploaded and will need to approve/reject the photo before it's uploaded to your event albums.
  • Every photo can be flagged as "inappropriate" directly from the app. All event moderators will also get a push notification for their approval.
  • You can disable/enable automatic uploads or have photos approved manually before their shared to the rest of the guests.
  • Photos can be managed in real-time in your event dashboard. You can delete, reject and approve photos directly from the dashboard.
  • In case you need real-time human photo filtering, pelase contact us at [email protected] We offer live human filtering during your events if all the above is not enough for you.

How does the SMS RSVP work? Do guests need smartphones?

No. Your guests and attendees don't need a smartphone to reply to a SMS RSVP. With a click of a button you can send SMS RSVP request to all your guests. Within minutes you'll start getting all the responses directly to your event dashboard. SMS will be sent from a local number in your country and guests will be replying to a local country. There are no extra or international charges to your guests. The only cost is 1 SMS credit per guest. Each SMS can contain up to 180 characters and you can use our pre-defined messages or enter your own custom message.

What kind of events can I use AppyVent for?

You can use AppyVent for ANY event. Whether it's your birthday, wedding, friend's surprise party, a group trip, a company event or a family gathering - AppyVent will upgrade any event, guaranteed!

How will my guests know to use AppyVent at the event?

We've made it super easy and efficient to let your guests know about your event app:
  • Send custom generated invites by SMS
  • Send custom generated invites by Email
  • Invite your Facebook Friends
  • Invite your Twitter followers
  • You can allow guests to invite other attendees by WhatsApp, Facebook Twitter, Email, SMS and QR
  • You get your own private event link to share with anyone you wish
  • Create and print custom invite cards with your event QR and instructions
  • Order our unique AppyVent invite cards, customized with your wedding information and instructions directly from your dashboard

Are there any limits/hidden fees?

No. You can invite as many guests as you wish, upload as many photos you want and have your event app and website running for as long as you need. We believe in providing a unique, unforgettable experience for you and your guests and by limiting these things we will not be able to deliver our promise.

How does AppyVent help my guests?

AppyVent provides your guests with a unique, unforgettable experience before, during and after your event. Guests can use your event app or website to RSVP and manage their RSVP, view important information, seating details, directions and upload photos they took at your event directly to your event albums. Every guest is now gets a VIP experience.

Do guests need to download anything to their smartphones?

We provide you with your own event website. Your event website is 100% responsive which means it will work beautifuly across all different devices. Guests can view event information, RSVP, map & directions, albums and more directly on your website. For the full experience tough, we definitely recommend your guests download your event app.

How long does AppyVent keep my event for?

All media is hosted for a year as a default. After a year and if your is no longer active (no user logs in) we will update you 3 times before we delete the event so you can extend your hosting. Paid events are hosted for as long as you wish! At any moment you can download all guest lists and media shared at your event.

Can we print our photos?

Absolutely! Not only you can download high-resolution photos of your event and print on your own, you can also order unique and custom prints directly to your doorstep from us. We ship internationally :)

How can guests get started using AppyVent?

It's fast and it's easy! Guests can begin using AppyVent and join your event from an invite you send them or just by downloading AppyVent and entering your event code (visible in your event dashboard). Guests without smartphones can also participate on the web.